The 3 Best Hero to Counter Joy in Mobile Legends

Since coming to the Land of Dawn, Joy has become a hero feared by many Mobile Legends players. Because the hero can deal a large amount of damage and has a very fast-moving speed.

In addition, Joy’s ability 2 can make her immune to CC effects (Crowd Control) that can be used 5 times, and her ultimate ability can free her from all CC effects like Purify. This certainly makes Joy very hard to kill.

Although Joy is very OP, there are still heroes that can be used against Joy in Mobile Legends. Using a hero that can counter Joy makes it difficult for you to play her.

3 Hero to Counter Joy in Mobile Legends

Joy is a hero who has 2 skills that can be immune to CC effects and an ultimate that can escape all CC effects. This means that these two skills are aimed at fighting heroes who rely on CC effects.

Then Joy’s skill 2 can also make her dash here and there quickly, so an effective hero is needed to counter these two things.

1. Minsitthar 


The most effective Joy Counter hero is Minsitthar. This hero’s ultimate ability can prevent enemies from doing a Dash. This will certainly make Joy difficult to use when it comes to Minsitthar because his 2 ability does a Dash.

2. Phoveus


Phoveus really likes to fight heroes who often dash here and there like Joy. Phoveus’ ultimate skill will activate endlessly if his enemy doesn’t stop dashing.

When dealing with Phoveus, Joy must be careful and cannot use her 2 skill, because if it is careless, it will benefit Phoveus.

3. Esmeralda


Joy’s 2 skill can deal great damage and give herself a number of shields every time she dashes.

In this case, Esmeralda is a hero who can be effective against Joy. Because this hero has a passive that can absorb shields into damage to the enemy, the more the enemy’s shield, the more steady the damage produced by Esmeralda.

So that was the information about 3 Hero to counter Joy in Mobile Legends (ML). Don’t forget to follow Gamedaim Global so you don’t miss other useful information about Mobile Legends Tips from us.

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