Link Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map, Explore Everything in the Game

Link Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map is the official map from Hotta Studio that can make it easier for players to explore everything in the game. Interestingly, players do not need to log into the game to see the Tower of Fantasy Map but can access it directly through the official website.

Tower of Fantasy is an Open World game where players can freely explore a vast world. Players can complete existing tasks, and collect characters, weapons, materials, and much more. Of course, to do this we must know the location first. Well, this is where you can rely on Interactive Map.

The Interactive Map serves to assist players in finding various materials and resources in the game.

For those of you who may have trouble finding certain items, the Interactive Map can be the solution.

Region of Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

In Tower of Fantasy, there are as many as seven regions to explore, each with its own city.

For a list of regions in Tower of Fantasy, you can see below.

  • Asperia Map
  • Vera Map
  • Artificial Island
  • Mirroria City
  • City Gate
  • Confounding Abyss
  • Third City

How to Access Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

For those of you who want to access more features, it is required to log in first. By logging in, you can save your “map marks” and sync them across multiple devices.

  • Visit the official website of Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map: via a browser on your phone or Laptop / PC.
  • Select the Region you want to visit
  • Tick off what you want to find on the Interactive Map, and then rush to that location in the Tower of Fantasy.

So that was the information about the Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map. Don’t forget to keep up with Gamedaim so you don’t miss other useful information about Tower of Fantasy Tips from us.

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