NIKKE Reroll Guide, Tips and How to Quickly Get Tier ACE/SSR Characters

NIKKE Reroll Guide – For those of you who have played Goddess of Victory NIKKE, you are familiar with the gameplay of this game. Speaking of this game, do you know that many players reroll. The goal? To get Tier ACE/SS characters the fast way. Well, here Gamedaim has prepared tips for the NIKEE Reroll Guide.

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NIKKE Reroll Guide | Easy Tips and Tricks

Nikke reroll guide
Nikke 1

For those of you who are still confused about how to reroll at NIKKE quickly, here Gamedaim has prepared a complete tutorial.

To Reroll at NIKKE, there are several ways or steps that you must follow so that the playing experience is not in vain.

Open Goddess of Victory NIKKE

Create account

Open the Goddess of Victory NIKKE that you have downloaded previously on the Play Store or App Store.

Create a New Account

Account 1

On the login page, click or tap on the “Create Account” section below the login box.

Set up Gmail and Password

Account 2

After that, enter the Gmail account that you can create through the browser. Make sure you remember this Gmail, be it the password or anything else related. Also, make sure the password you create is easy to remember.

Request Verification Code

Account 1

Jika sudah, minta kode verifikasi yang dikirimkan ke Gmail kalian. If so, enter the code in the space provided.

Play the Game

Mainkan gamenya

After that, please play the game as usual. Complete chapter 1 and the tutorial to get the voucher.

Pre-Registration Gift Claim

Pre regi tra ion reward

Also, be sure to claim your pre-registration rewards in the ingame Mailbox.


Cd key nikke

Don’t forget to use the NIKKE CD Key that is scattered all over the place.

Use All Vouchers


If so, please use all the vouchers collected for gacha.

For your information, this method takes 10-15 minutes for the NIKKE Reroll Guide to work properly. However, you can shorten this duration by pressing the skip button in the story cut scene. Now, let’s see how to maximize this Reroll with some preparation so that you can get 1 to 2 Tier SSR or ACE characters.

Tips If You Fail to Get ACE/SSR Tier Characters

Nikke reroll guide
Nikke reroll guide, tips and how to quickly get tier ace/ssr characters 14

If you don’t manage to get a Tier ACE or SSR character, then here are tips so you can immediately reroll again.

  • Click the menu button on the top right corner.
  • Click the account button.
  • Click the Exit button.
  • You will be redirected to the first page.
  • Click create account and repeat as we shared earlier.

To make the most of the NIKKE Reroll Guide, we recommend that you use a backup email or an email that has been prepared for reroll. For example, you can register an email like “”. Later, you just need to add or change the numbers when registering your email.

If you have followed the tips we shared, here’s how to immediately be able to reroll again:

  • Check your email for a verification code and enter this code in the account creation box.
  • Once the email verification is complete, please play the game.
  • Complete chapter 1 and claim the gacha tutorial (10x pull). This will guarantee 1 SSR for you.
  • Also claim the pre-registration reward and do another (10x pull).
  • Redeem NIKKE CD Key.
  • Use all the vouchers and gems you get.
  • Repeat if you didn’t get a Tier SSR/ACE character

Doing This Already Earns Tier ACE/SSR Characters

Nikke reroll guide
Nikke 2

If you’ve got a Tier ACE/SSR character, here’s what you need to do:

  • Click the menu button in the top right corner.
  • Click the account button.
  • Sign in with Google/Facebook/Apple or your preferred third-party service.
  • If so, please connect your account so that you don’t lose it later.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List

Tier list goddes of victory nikke
Tier list goddes of victory nikke

If you are interested in doing the NIKKE Reroll Guide, you can first see the Goddess of Victory NIKKE tier list through the link we have provided. My advice is that you can stop rerolling when you get a character like:

  • Liter
  • Pepper
  • Scarlet
  • Noah
  • Novel
  • Ludmilla
  • Harran
  • Volume
  • Privaty

Well, that’s the NIKKE Reroll Guide. If you have any suggestions or anything else, feel free to write them down in the space provided.

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