Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK 1.0.17 Unlimited Money 2022

Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK is currently a game that is much sought after by gamers, because this game offers a very exciting gameplay to play. Raging Thunder 2 belongs to the category of racing games.

Racing games are well known by gamers and have been released on PlayStore. One of the games that attracts the attention of many gamers today is Raging Thunder 2, which is why many gamers are looking for this racing game.

For this reason, in this discussion, Gamedaim will share with all of you the Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK. Curious what the game will be like? If so, then you can continue to see the full discussion in this article until the end, Gamers.

What is Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK?

Raging thunder 2 mod apk
Raging thunder 2 mod apk 1. 0. 17 unlimited money 2022 10

So Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK is a 3D racing game created by Developer named Polarbit. It used to be one of the most legendary racing games on Android.

If you’re looking for Raging Thunder 2 on the PlayStore, unfortunately you won’t find it, as the game has been removed from the PlayStore. So people have to search for it manually through the internet. But especially for you don’t need to worry, because in this article we will share the Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK game for free for all of you.

In the game, players will participate in races by using cool racing cars and passing through many tracks around the world. Players can choose the type of car they want to use.

There are several modes that you can play, namely campaign mode and multiplayer mode. In campaign mode. You will be competing with other racers for the ultimate championship. And there’s also a multiplayer mode, where you can race with friends or other real players online.

Raging Thunder 2 is a follow-up game to the first game in the series with significant improvements. Starting from the graphics quality that has increased to HD, more types of cars that can be used and the presence of multiplayer mode.

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Raging thunder 2 mod apk
Raging thunder 2 mod apk 1. 0. 17 unlimited money 2022 11

In racing games like this Raging Thunder 2, the goal that every racer has to achieve is to reach the finish line. You’ll be racing with many other drivers, who will try to get ahead using any means possible, even collisions.

Whenever there is a problem, such as turning, hitting an obstacle, or going off the race track, the car will stop. This is the opportunity to corner the rider in front and take the first position.

Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK Features

Raging thunder 2 mod apk
Raging thunder 2 mod apk 1. 0. 17 unlimited money 2022 12

Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK is a modified game from the developer with various special features in it. You can only find these features in the mod version of Raging Thunder 2 and not in the original version, here are the features.

1. Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money, you can have a lot of money when playing the MOD version of Raging Thunder 2. Money can be used to buy anything in the game, you can use it to buy cars, engines, wheels and other useful items for your car.

2. All Cars Unlocked

In this game, there are quite a lot of car choices that can be used, you also no longer need to bother buying existing cars. Because all these cars are already open and you can use them for free in the Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK.

3. No advertising

Playing with a lot of ads popping up is often very annoying. But don’t worry, for the mod version of Raging Thunder 2 that we share, you won’t find any ads in it. But do not worry, in the mod version of Raging Thunder 2 that we provide, you will not find any ads.

4. Lightweight to Play

Raging thunder 2 mod apk
Raging thunder 2 mod apk 1. 0. 17 unlimited money 2022 13

Unlike most racing games, players generally require high HP specifications to be able to play it. Raging Thunder 2 presents a 3D graphic quality that is good enough but the great thing is that it can still be played by everyone, even potato HP users can also play.

5. Free

The Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK game that we share is a game that you can play for free. Not only is the download free, but you can also use all the premium features in this game for free as well. When else can you get a good game for free, right?

Download Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK

For those of you who are looking for this mod version of the game, now you don’t need to be confused anymore. Because we are here to share the download link for free for all of you below.

This game contains content that can be enjoyed by everyone, from children, and teenagers to adults. You can play it on Android phones that support Android 5.0 or higher.

Application NameRaging Thunder 2 Mod APK
Latest Version1.0.17
Compatible withAndroid 5.0 and above

How To Instal Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK

Since the app we are sharing is a mod version of the app, so you have to install it manually. For those who don’t know how, you can check out the full tutorial below.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Download Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK

Raging thunder mod apk 1

First, you can download Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK via the link we provide.

Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

Raging thunder mod apk 2

Next, you go to Settings and enable the Install Apps from Unknown Sources feature.

Install APK

Raging thunder mod apk 3

Go to File Manager, locate the APK file you downloaded earlier, install the app and wait for the installation process to complete.

Game ready to play

Raging thunder mod apk

That’s it, now you can play the game. Enjoy!

Raging Thunder 2 MOD APK Vs Original Difference

As a modified version, there are certainly differences between the Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK and Original game which we will also discuss. The differences between the two systems are explained in detail below.

Raging Thunder 2 ModRaging Thunder 2 Original
Unlimited MoneyNo unlimited money
All Cars UnlockedAll Cars Locked
No advertisingContains advertisements
All Maps OpenAll Maps Locked
All Premium Items UnclockedAll Premium Items Locked

Is Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK Safe?

Some of the things that Android users often worry about when installing mod apps are the system security of the mod app. The reason is that sometimes there are mod apps that contain malicious viruses that can corrupt the software in Android phones, which can be deadly.

But for this Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because this one game is fairly safe to use.

So far through our observation when trying it directly, this mod version of the Raging Thunder 2 game is safe to play.But for this Hungry Shark Evolution Mod APK game itself, we can ensure it is very safe to use. With a note that you do not use the mod feature in multiplayer mode which actually harms other players.


So that was some information about the latest Raging Thunder 2 Mod APK 1.0.17 2022, what do you think? Stay tuned to Gamedaim to get other useful information and tips about gaming from us, Gamers.

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