Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK v1.0.0, Game Like Free Fire but More HD

Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK is one of the applications that many gamers are currently looking for a download link. This is a game that is similar to Free Fire but with a more HD display.

This game carries a battle royale theme, where players will be told to fight each other against other players. Whoever survives to the end will be the winner.

Players can freely choose the starting point from which to jump and select the weapons they find. Players also cannot stay in one place but must go to a safe zone.

Well, for this discussion, Gamedaim will share with all of you the Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK. This is a mod version that has been equipped with various additional features in it.

What is Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK?

Sigma Battle Royale is a game developed by Developer Studio Arm Private Limited. This game has a battle royale theme with 50 players who will fight to the end.

Before fighting, players will first be in a plane and can freely choose the desired plunge location. After jumping, players can search for weapons and items such as bullets, bombs, healers, and more.

After that, you can search for the other players and kill them all until only you are left at the end of the game.

You can play alone in solo mode, two in duo mode, and three/four in squad mode.

For those who have played Free Fire, surely you are familiar with the gameplay displayed in Sigma Battle Royale. The gameplay of the two is really similar, it’s just that Sigma Battle Royale presents a more HD graphic quality.

Also, the size of the game is relatively small, less than 1 GB, so everyone can certainly play.


Features of Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK

Because of the mod version, Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK certainly has a variety of additional features in it. This feature can make the game more interesting for you to play and this feature can only be found in the mod version of the application, here are the features.

1. Unlimited Money

The first feature you can find in the mod version is Unlimited Money. This feature will give you a lot of money instantly from the start of the game. With that much money, you can buy characters, skins, or anything else in the Shop.

2. Unlock All Characters & Skin

In the game, there are many characters and skins available, you can get them by buying them with money. But you don’t need to do anything like that if you play Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK. Because this mod version has a feature that can unlock all types of characters and skins in the game. So you as a player can freely choose and use them as much as you want.

3. Small Size

What makes Sigma Battle Royale interesting is that it has a very small size, only 300 MB. In addition, players also don’t need to use a high-spec HP to be able to play it, because this game is relatively light to play. So it can be played by everyone.

4. No Ads

Playing games and then suddenly appearing in an advertisement is indeed a very annoying thing for gamers. You will also encounter this if you play Sigma downloaded through the PlayStore.

But for the mod version of Sigma Battle Royale, you won’t find a single ad in it. Because this mod version has a feature that can block all existing ads, players will be able to play comfortably without any interference.

Download Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK

Please note that you will not be able to find and download the Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK through the PlayStore. Because this mod version application is only available and can be downloaded through online sites on the internet.

But take it easy, because we will also share the download link for free, it’s really easy, just click the download button below.

TitleSigma Battle Royale Mod APK
Compatible withAndroid 5.0 above
Size310 MB
DeveloperStudio Arm Private Limited

How to Install Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK

Karena aplikasi yang kami bagikan ini adalah versi mod, jadi kalian harus menginstalnya secara manual. Nah untuk yang belum atau tidak tahu caranya, kami juga sudah menyediakan langkah-langkahnya dibawah ini.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Download Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK

Sigma battle royale mod apk

First you can download the Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK file via the link we provide and wait until the download process is complete.

Enable Installation of Apps From Unknown Sources

Sigma battle royale mod apk

Next go to the Settings menu, then enable the installation of apps from Unknown Sources.

Install APK

Sigma battle royale mod apk

After that, go to the File Manager, find the location of the APK file that you downloaded earlier, install it as usual and wait for the installation process to complete.

Game Ready to Play

Sigma battle royale mod apk

That’s it, now you can play the game. Enjoy!

Difference between Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK and Original

As a mod application developed by a third party, there will certainly be differences between the Mod and Original versions of Sigma Battle Royale. The following is a table containing the differences between the two.

Sigma Battle Royale Mod APKSigma Battle Royale Original
Unlimited Moneylimited Money
Unlock All Characters & SkinsAll Characters and Skins Locked
No AdsContains Ads

Is Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK Safe To Play?

The thing that is often a concern for Android users when we install modified applications such as Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK is the system security of the mod application itself. The reason is, sometimes there are mod applications that carry malicious viruses in them that can damage the software in Android phones that can cause fatal damage.

For Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK itself, so far through our observations when trying it directly, this mod version is less safe to play. Several times we got warnings about using illegal programs and could not continue playing. There is a possibility that if you continue to force to continue playing you can get banned.

For those of you who want to try playing this mod version of Sigma Battle Royale, then you should not use the main account. Use a second or backup account, so that if you get banned, you don’t experience a big loss.

So that was the information about Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK. Don’t forget to follow Gamedaim so you don’t miss other updated information about Games and Mod APK from us.

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