Tower of Fantasy Characters Tier List, Best Characters to Play with

For those of you who are looking for the best character list to use in Tower of Fantasy. Then you can find it here through the Tower of Fantasy Character Tier List that we shared.

In Tower of Fantasy, there are so many characters with their own abilities and weapons.

Every update, there will usually be a number of updates to certain characters, this of course makes a difference to the Tower of Fantasy tier list in each patch.

Tower of Fantasy has now entered patch 2.1 and there have been several updates added.

If you want to know what characters are good in the current patch, then you can learn by looking at the Tower of Fantasy character tier list below.

Tower of Fantasy Characters Tier List

The Tower of Fantasy characters tier list that we share is divided into 5 tiers, namely S+, S, A, B, and C. The higher the tier, the better the character. The higher the tier, the better the character, but you have to choose wisely, because not all high-tier characters can be played easily.


Claudia ClaudiaSsrGuren blade Guren BladeDps DPSGrievous GrievousSub-DPS
Cobalt-b Cobalt-BSsrBlazing revolver Blazing RevolverDps DPSFlame FlameMain-DPS
Frigg FriggSsrBalmung BalmungDps DPSFrost FrostMain-DPS
King KINGSsrScythe of the crow Scythe of the CrowDps DPSFlame FlameShieldbreaking
Nemesis NemesisSsrVenus VenusSupport SupportVolt VoltUtility
Ruby RubySsrSpark SparkDps DPSFlame FlameMain-DPS
Samir SamirSsrDual em stars Dual EM StarsDps DPSVolt VoltMain-DPS


Cocoritter CocoritterSsrAbsolute zero Absolute ZeroSupport SupportFrost FrostShieldbreaking
Crow CrowSsrThunderblades ThunderbladesDps DPSVolt VoltMain-DPS
Meryl MerylSsrRosy edge Rosy EdgeDefense DefenseFrost FrostUtility
Tsubasa TsubasaSsrIcewind arrow Icewind ArrowDps DPSFrost FrostMain-DPS


Huma HumaSsrMolten shield v2 Molten Shield V2Defense DefenseFlame FlameTank
Shiro ShiroSsrChakram of the seas Chakram of the SeasDps DPSGrievous GrievousSub-DPS
Zero ZeroSsrNegating cube Negating CubeSupport SupportFlame FlameUtility


Bai ling Bai LingSrNightingale's feather Nightingale’s FeatherDps DPSGrievous GrievousMain-DPS
Ene EneSrPummeler PummelerDefense DefenseFrost FrostTank
Pepper PepperSrStaff of scars Staff of ScarsSupport SupportVolt VoltUtility


Echo EchoSrThunderous halberd Thunderous HalberdDps DPSVolt VoltShieldbreaking
Hilda HildaSrThe terminator The TerminatorDps DPSFrost FrostMain-DPS

*Tier list will be updated if there is a new update from Tower of Fantasy

So that was the information about the Tower of Fantasy characters tier list. Don’t forget to follow Gamedaim so you don’t miss other useful information about Tower of Fantasy games and tips from us.

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