How to Make Birch Planks in Minecraft

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to make Birch Planks in Minecraft step by step with screenshots.

In Minecraft, Birch Planks are essential items needed to craft various types of items in the game. Apart from making items, Birch Planks can also be used as Fuel for Smelt/Cook (1 Birch Planks will burn in the Furnace for 15 seconds).

So let’s find out how to make Birch Planks in Minecraft.

Materials Needed

To craft Birch Planks in Minecraft, you’ll need the following list of items:

1 Birch Log

How to make birch planks in Minecraft

You can follow the steps we’ve provided below. This is how to make Birch Planks in Minecraft.

Open Crafting Table

Cara membuat birch planks di minecraft

First, open the Crafting Table.

Add Birch Logs

Cara membuat birch planks di minecraft

Then add Birch Logs to the Crating Table.

1 Birch Log = 4 Birch Planks

After adding Birch Log to the Crafting Table, Birch Planks will automatically appear in the right box.

Move Birch Planks to Inventory

Cara membuat birch planks di minecraft

After successfully creating Birch Planks, all you need to do is move them to your inventory.

Congratulations, you have now successfully created Birch Planks.

Items that can be Made with Birch Planks

You can use Birch Planks to craft items:

Crafting TableBirch Fence
Chest Birch Fence Gate
BarrelBirch Sign
StickBirch Stairs
LoomBirch Slab
Cartography TableBookshelf
Fletching TableChiseled Bookshelf
GrindstoneWooden Axe
Smithing TableWooden Hoe
White BedWooden Pickaxe
Magenta BedWooden Shovel
Light Blue BedBowl
Yellow BedShield
Lime BedWooden Sword
Green BedBirch Door
Gray BedBirch Trapdoor
Light Gray BedBirch Pressure Plate
Cyan BedPiston
Pink BedTripwire Hook
Purple BedBirch Button
Blue BedBirch Boat
Brown BedJukebox
Green BedNote Block
Red BedBeehive
Black Bed

Things You Can Do With Birch Planks

Here’s what you can do with Birch Planks in Minecraft:

Adding Fuel to the Furnace
How to limit tree height

Other Types of Wood Planks

You can also create other types of Wood Planks in Minecraft such as:

How to Make Oak PlanksHow to Make Mangrove Planks
How to Make Spruce PlanksHow to Make Bamboo Planks
How to Make Birch PlanksHow to Make Crimson Planks
How to Make Jungle PlanksHow to Make Warped Planks
How to Make Acacia PlanksHow to Make Dark Oak Planks

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