How to Make a Stone Hoe in Minecraft

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to make a Stone Hoe in Minecraft step by step with screenshots.

In Minecraft, Stone Hoe is a useful tool for tilling the soil or improving farmland in the game. By using Stone Hoe, players can speed up the process of planting and harvesting agricultural products more efficiently, as well as obtain the necessary food to survive in the game.

In addition, the Stone Hoe is also useful for assisting players in creating gardens or farms and speeding up the process of gathering resources needed for other purposes in the game.

So let’s find out how to make Stone Hoe in Minecraft.

Materials Needed

To create a Stone Hoe in Minecraft, you’ll need the following list of items:

2 Stick
2 Cobblestone
2 Blackstone

Tip: You can use either Cobblestone or Blackstone types, so you don’t have to collect them all.

How to make a stone hoe in Minecraft

You can follow the steps we’ve provided below. This is how to make Stone Hoe in Minecraft.

Open Crafting Table

Cara membuat stone hoe di minecraft

First, open the Crafting Table.

Add Items to Create Stone Hoe

Cara membuat stone hoe di minecraft

On the Crafting Table, add 2 Cobblestone or Blackstone and 2 Stick.

You can use Cobblestone or Blackstone to create a Stone Hoe. For example, here we are using Cobblestone.
To be able to create a Stone Hoe, the position of each item on the Crafting Table must be placed in the right pattern as shown in the picture.

In the first row, there must be 2 Cobblestone or Blackstone in the first and second squares. In the second row, there must be 1 Stick in the second box. In the third row, there should be 1 Stick in the second square. This is the recipe for crafting Stone Hoe in Minecraft.

After adding items to the Crafting Table in the correct pattern, the Stone Hoe will automatically appear in the right box.

Move Stone Hoe to Inventory

Cara membuat stone hoe di minecraft

Finally, take the Stone Hoe and move it to Inventory.

Items that can be made with the Stone Hoe

You can use the Stone Hoe to craft items:

Enchanted Stone Hoe

Things You Can Do With a Stone Hoe

Here’s what you can do with Stone Hoe:


Other Hoe Types

You can also create other types of Hoe in Minecraft such as:

Wooden Hoe
Iron Hoe
Golden Hoe
Diamond Hoe
Netherite Hoe

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