How to Make a Stone Shovel in Minecraft

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to make a Stone Shovel in Minecraft step by step with screenshots.

In Minecraft, the Stone Shovel is a more powerful tool than the Wooden Shovel and is useful for digging various types of material blocks such as Dirt, Sand, Gravel, or Snow in the Minecraft game.

By using the Stone Shovel, players can obtain these resources more quickly and effectively, and collect important materials for construction or other purposes in the game.

In addition, the Stone Shovel is also useful for clearing streets or buildings of unwanted blocks, as well as speeding up the process of creating roads or tunnels in the game.

So let’s find out how to make a Stone Shovel in Minecraft.

Materials Needed

To create a Stone Shovel in Minecraft, you’ll need the following list of items:

2 Stick
1 Cobblestone
1 Blackstone

Tip: You can use either Cobblestone or Blackstone types, so you don’t have to collect them all.

How to make a stone shovel in Minecraft

Kamu dapat mengikuti langkah-langkah yang kami berikan di bawah ini. Ini adalah cara membuat Stone Shovel di Minecraft.

Open Crafting Table

Cara membuat stone shovel di minecraft

First, open the Crafting Table.

Add Items to Create Stone Shovel

Cara membuat stone shovel di minecraft

On the Crafting Table, add 1 Cobblestone or Blackstone and 2 Sticks.

You can use Cobblestone or Blackstone to create a Stone Shovel. For example, here we are using Cobblestone.
To be able to create a Stone Shovel, the position of each item on the Crafting Table must be placed in the right pattern as shown in the picture.

In the first row, there must be 1 Cobblestone or Blackstone in the second box. In the second row, there must be 1 Stick in the second box. In the third row, there should be 1 Stick in the second square. This is the recipe for crafting Stone Shovel in Minecraft.

After adding items to the Crafting Table in the correct pattern, the Stone Shovel will automatically appear in the right box.

Move Stone Shovel to Inventory

Cara membuat stone shovel di minecraft

Finally, take the Stone Shovel and move it to Inventory.

Items that can be Crafted with Stone Shovel

You can use the Stone Shovel to craft items:

Enchanted Stone Shovel

What You Can Do With a Stone Shovel

Here’s what you can do with the Stone Shovel:


Other Shovel Types

You can also create other types of Shovels in Minecraft such as:

Wooden Shovel
Stone Shovel
Iron Shovel
Golden Shovel
Diamond Shovel
Netherite Shovel

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